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Why Work With Us?

Why Top Tier?

We Understand As Customers You Can Do Business Anywhere.. But Here Are Some Reasons Why Us.

Enjoy The DRIVE And Ditch The HASSLE! Find Out How Much Top Tier Can Save For YOU!



We are on your side, from the price, to the interest rate and even the insurance and warranties, We help you negotiate much better terms.



We work with all brands not just one, so we’ll help you select what is best for you, not just what the dealership has to offer.



You don’t do this everyday, but we do and so do car dealerships. Ensure yourself a better deal with an expert by your side not on theirs.



Our team is equipped with real finance experts, with years of experience with lending in all credit types. We can help you better understand what are your options, and best rates you truly qualify for. 



We save you not only thousands of dollars but hours of your time, between research, back and forth negotiations, and hours of waiting to see the finance guy.



We can provide all of our services from the convenience of your home, and have the car delivered to where it is most convenient to you.


no pressure

We don’t pressure our customers, everything is done at your own pace. We can move as fast or as slow as you like to.


no nuisance

By letting us do all the negotiation we keep you from from receiving inumerous phone calls and emails from all sorts of dealerships.

Real Savings | Real People | Real Stories

Rhea Walker

Best experience I have ever had buying a vehicle without a doubt! Personalized and professional service from beginning to end. I had a million questions and concerns and they always went above and beyond to meet my needs and ease my concerns. Any purchases in the future will be done through the Top Tier Group

Laura Leonard

Raphael and Jessica are great people, very knowledgeable and professional. They helped me with the lease of a new Honda Odyssey and the purchase of a new Honda Accord.

I went in with the expectation of getting both basic trim levels to maintain lower monthly costs. Through Top Tier Group I was able to get mid trim level on Odyssey (with DVD) and still maintained the same expected monthly goal. WOW! Never did I expect that to happen lower payment, better Trim and NO dealership hassle! My kids loved it and Im a happy MOM 🙂 I would highly recommend Top Tier Group to anyone. Outstanding outcome for sure! Thank You

Witson Rodrigues

“Raphael and his team are great professionals. I dealt mainly with Raphael he is very knowledgeable in all areas of finance. I bought a RAV4 and will buy with him again in the future. A+++ if you are looking a car  this is the company to go to! “

Nicole Lajoie

Top Tier Group have exceptional customer sales service. They helped me buy my first car ever, a New Toyota Corolla. They got me the exact car I was looking for, for the price range I could afford. They are professional and well mannered! I will always go back to TTG when purchasing any car in the future.”

Orlando Figueiredo

“This company is full of great professionals. They are very knowledgeable in all areas of finance and have exceptional customer service. I bought a used BMW 2013 with him. The process was simple and smooth. They definitely saved me alot of money and headache from dealer being its a used car. I plan on doing more business in the future.  A+++ if you are looking a car he is the company for the job.

Ronaldo Pinto

“I bought a 2017 Dodge Ram 2500 with Top Tier Group. They saved me $10.000k savings. I had the vehicle delivered to my doorway. Literally the best way to ever purchase a vehicle.  I highly recommend. “

Any Make | Any Model | Top Savings!